The Battle Of Marne was one the first battles in World War I which spanned from 5th September to the 12th September. It was a counter-attack massed by the French and British against the German Empire which was rapidly advancing into France and was closing in on Paris. Military strength consisted of 39 french divisions, 6 british divisions and 27 german divisions. These divisions consisted of over 1 million men on each side.


On the late 4th September the sixth army advanced east towards Château Thierry while the fifth army attacked north while the ninth army covered their western flank. The BEF (British Expeditionary Force) advanced towards Montmirail. On the morning of the 5th of September the sixth army encountered cavalry German general Gronau's IV Reserve Corps. Gronau's forces attacked with artillery and pushed the sixth army back. Gronau's men then retreated about 10km east. After the Franco-British forces broke through at the Grand Morin and Petit Morin rivers they established a bridgehead about 5miles deep and forced the germans to retreat. The germans had planned a counter-attack but the french were being reinforced with 10,000 men. They held their ground and pushed the germans back over 35 miles although the germans still occupied Belgium and most of northern France. The battle was overall an allied success as they managed to save Paris and kept France in the war.

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